Best Choice Labels: An Easy Way You Can Help Seniors

Fundraiser - Best Choice Labels - Branson-Hollister Senior Center

Save Your Best Choice Labels

The Branson-Hollister Senior Center has partnered with Best Choice to raise money, and you can help. It’s easy – just clip the UPC code from any of your Best Choice products. After you’ve collected several, drop them off at the Senior Center. We’ll take it from there!

The Best Choice brand of foods is sold at most grocery stores in the Branson-Hollister area, so you likely buy a lot of their products already. Why not benefit from the savings even more? It’s easy to clip the UPC code before you toss the package. When we’ve collected at least 1,000, we’ll periodically send in bundles of labels and earn money each time.

Tell your friends and family too! By working together to collect Best Choice labels, we can make a difference.

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